Shopping Our Local Farmers Market

The sun warms our skin, and a light breeze fills the air as we admire the delicious harvests of seasonal fruits and veggies at our local farmers market. I love being able to connect with the farmers and artisans, and meet the hard-working people who grow our food. Local farmers markets contribute to healthy and sustainable food systems that preserve our land and community. We are always sure to opt for organic or pesticide-free fruits and veggies while wandering through the market. Organic food isn’t just healthier for you – it’s healthier for our planet too. 

W e always love going to the farmers market. It’s so much fun for my son – he loves taking in all of the sights, the sounds, and the interesting colors and smells. I’ve been bringing Ocean since he was a tiny baby! Shopping at the local market is so much fun for the whole family. You get to enjoy the day outdoors and meet your local community while connecting to the world around you. It’s healthy for the body, mind, and soul. And it’s so fun to shop and see all of the unique local products that are only available here! 

Local markets give you a chance to get the best of organic produce when it is in season and at its most nutritious and delicious. Buying from your local farmer allows you to support local agriculture. This means that the food you’re eating comes from nearby, and does not require the energy and resources to ship the food halfway around the world.

It might not seem like much, but it’s the little things we do every day that can make a big difference for our planet – little things like bringing reusable shopping bags and shopping local produce with reduced packaging and plastic. I picked up some beautiful woven African baskets at my local market, and always bring them with me when I go grocery shopping.

My favorite part of the farmers market are the samples of course, haha! 😉 After tasting everything we can, we choose your favorites, walking away with new memories and baskets full of the fresh produce and tasty treats.

What are some little things that you can do to make a difference?





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