Wildflower Super Bloom: Road Trip to Carrizo Plain National Monument

Spring is here, and so is the super bloom! We went on a little road trip to see the wildflowers at Carrizo Plain National Monument, and it was amazing! 🙂 The rolling hillsides are covered in flowers; shimmering in gold, buttercream yellow, and soft blue, as they sway in the spring breeze. Near Soda Lake, patches of amber orange flowers mix among vibrant purple blossoms.


C arrizo Plain National Monument is one of my very favorite places in central California to see this the wildflowers! Just east of San Luis Obispo, and a few hours from Los Angeles, this spot is accessible for Northern California and Southern California residents. It’s definitely worth all the driving, and just the journey to get out to Carrizo Plain is beautiful. The drive is filled with patches of wildflowers, forests, mountains (depending on your route), and rolling hills.

We were on a much slower schedule, and got there late in the day, but still managed to see a lot! We took as many pictures as Ocean would allow, haha and enjoyed driving around and stopping to look at all of the flowers. The lake is especially beautiful this time of the year and we saw so many different birds. 

I recommend staying overnight if possible (at a campsite or hotel). We drove to Carizzo Plain and back the same day but I wish we didn’t because it was such a looooong drive back home! 

Before heading out to Carrizo Plain, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Fill up your gas tank – It’s a long drive out to the National Monument, and gas stations are few and far between.
  2. Pack snacks and water – There is no access to water or food in the park. Pack your own lunches and bring enough water for the length of your trip.
  3. Drive carefully & park safely – The rural, one-lane roads are windy. When parking, pull safely off the roadway and ideally, not on top of flowers.
  4. Plan on bringing a high clearance car (4WD is a plus!) – To get to the best locations, or to the remote campsites, you need an all-terrain vehicle. Many of these roads are unpaved.
  5. Don’t climb fences or trespass – There are abundant wildflowers along Highway 58, but most of the land along this highway is private property. Please respect local landowners and keep driving out to Carizzo Plain where there are many beautiful public trails with access to the wildflowers.

You can find more information about how to plan your visit here.


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